For the longest time, I’ve been thinking of what exactly I want this blog to be about.

Do I want it to be my open book?

On the other hand, I know exactly what I don’t want it to be. Back in the day, the world knew exactly how many calories I ate in a day, the breakdown of my foods and my exercise routine. For 2 years, people knew my daily weight, my progress photos and my measurements.

It motivated me to keep going, to come up with new recipe ideas, exercise routines and to look better.

Unfortunately, the ugly side reared its head.

I had 200 odd followers on my weight loss blog and a few girls decided that they were to become anorexic and bulimic because they wanted my progress photos but not the process I took. Instead, I found my photos all over Xanga, with the tag THINSPO.

It broke my heart to see girls writing about their daily struggles to lose weight through anorexia. And when I did have the courage to reach out, I was told it was their only way.

That’s when I closed my blog down.

Now, I’m at odds, what exactly do I want this to be?



Sunday Workout

Exercise plays a huge part in my life – it helps me sleep better, uses up my excess energy and it helps to de-stress.

On weekends, I normally go swimming because it is a great full body workout and you feel refreshed during AND after your workout. It is also good for those with bad knees, joints or small muscle/ligament injuries because it is a low impact exercise. This means there is less pressure and sprain put on your body. 

In December, I tore the right ligament in my ankle and in March, I fractured my toe in my left foot. This means I can’t do HIIT or run anytime soon. 

The weekly swim sessions has definitely helped with the rehab and burning off calories. 

I normally do backstroke and some freestyle. 

Soon to come: my weekly exercise routine.