You’re worth more than diamonds, worth more than gold.

You know you did something right in your life when you’re surrounded by beautiful souls who also happen to be physically attractive.

Funny enough, we all started at the bottom; the underdog gene strong amongst us.

The first time each of us met, we hated one another, thinking the latter grew up with a silver spoon. That’s how we are. The world only sees the image we portray. We became so good at it, we almost succeeded in alienating each other.

Yet, get to know us, and you realize once the walls are down, we homies and big softies.

One day, they will be legends.

As for me, I like being in the shadows, the spotlight was never the place for me.


If you don’t know me, get to know me.

It’s disappointing when people automatically make the worst assumptions of you, albeit knowing you for a certain length of time.

Trust me, when people treat me well, there’s a reason for that.
When my trips are paid for, there’s a reason for that.
When I receive presents in the mail, there’s a reason for that.
When they fly to HK just to visit me, there’s a reason for that.
When a chauffeur comes to pick me up, there’s a reason for that.

And the reason is never me asking to be treated like a princess.

Behind the scenes, you don’t see the me who stays up the entire night making sure they are okay.
Behind the scenes, you don’t see the me who drives out at 1am to fetch them when their car battery freezes over in winter.
Behind the scenes, you don’t see the me who houses them during their bad patch.
Behind the scenes, you don’t see the me who takes care of them when they’re sick and down for the count.
Behind the scenes, you don’t see the me who makes the same effort to fly to them.
Behind the scenes, you don’t see the me who writes essays for Christmas cards just to remind them they are loved.

Would you do the same for them?
If not, how can you expect the same treatment from them?





On the notion of happiness, what does it mean to you?

As we close off 2017, I find myself taking steps back to reflect on the decisions I’ve made in the last year and how I can make 2018 better.

This year has definitely been one of the most rewarding yet challenging years of my life.

Career-wise, this has definitely been a year where I am proud to say I have finally accomplished all the milestones and goals I have set for myself. And it has given me a new direction of where I want to take my career next year. Being connected with students on a more personal level, understanding their insecurities about the job market has allowed me to share some of my own experiences from my youth to quell some of their fears.

It also took me back to when I first arrived to Hong Kong with nothing more than two suitcases and a backpack.


Two years.

This year, I took a major step back and took a close look at the sacrifices I’ve made and the person I became. I realized I did not like my reflection in the mirror. In the name of conformity, I lost my sense of self.

Silver linings.

Self-growth and reflection is difficult and painful to say the least.

But it also opens closed doors.

I left an unhealthy relationship but I learned self love.
I lost acquaintances but I gained close friends.

In the latter part of the year, I’ve learned to step away from being a perfectionist, alleviating that unnecessary stress to be 100% one-hundred-percent of the time.

And now we focus on well-being, mindfulness and inner peace.

That’s all for now.



Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Nor is an empire.

Be patient, my dear.

I’m at the age where many of my friends are getting married and for the ladies, it seems all that’s on their mind is getting married, boys and becoming a wife.

And then I realised I don’t want to only be a wife.

I want to build my empire.

And I need a king with the same mindset.

We ain’t your average couple.