Timelines changed as things are finally falling together.

Been replaying the last 4 years in my head. As the memories flicker in and out, it finally hits me hard.

This is happening.

A tad bittersweet isn’t it?

There’s actually quite a bit I want to share but in time. Right now, I need sleep.




So tell me what’s on your mind of late?

Been thinking of tales of old.

Been thinking of ever more.

Been thinking of the facades.

Been thinking of the abyss.

Been thinking of noise.

Been thinking of tranquility.



Sometimes the most memorable moments are the simplest.

While grandiose actions make the biggest impact, they are also the most difficult to maintain and the utility of every impact decreases over time.

On the other hand, simple moments that allow you to laugh, to dance, to be silly, to be utterly you, are the most rare.

Whether it be Skyping her making breakfast to being able to go makeup free with him.

Laugh until tears come out.




You flirt, I smile.

It works.

Some see how far they can go.

Unfortunately, not far.




Funny how the world works.

There will always be those who will have unreasonably high expectations of you.

There will always be those who are unwilling to acknowledge you.

And yet the world knows exactly what to give me at the right moment.

Thank you for making me laugh.