That was my face throughout my acupuncture session this afternoon to the amusement of my Chinese Doctor.

In the past month, I’ve been having severe cramps, water retention and looking paler than usual. It got to the point where I was forced to see a Chinese Doctor after my coworkers saw me curled up at my desk today.

What ensued was an hour of pure hilarity for my Chinese Doctor as she had to listen to my broken Cantonese when I described my symptoms.

On the topic of my diet, she flipped through my Instagram because my Cantonese was pretty much non-existent for vegetable vocabulary. Bemused, she chuckled and cooed me into submission.

And then came the flood of needles all over my abdomen. Whilst she poked and prodded, she chuckled at my face winced in pain, all the while screaming “I am okay”.

Well, at least we know my superpower is making people laugh at the most mundane of situations.



Review: Keto OS

Ketosis in a nutshell is when your body uses fat as fuel rather than glucose. This either happens when you are on a low carb diet or through taking ketone supplements to tell your body to burn fat. 

KetoHK gave me a sample of their Keto OS formula. They were also very informative and guided me through exactly how to take it and what to expect. 

  1. Take it in the morning as it has caffeine 
  2. Take it with 500ml of water
  3. Drink it slow: 30min
  4. Your stomach will feel funny especially if you’re not used to ketones

My other suggestions are to avoid taking your morning cup of joe because you will feel the gradual kick and you may not need the extra caffeine and to eat 30min after you finish Keto OS. The reason why I say that is because it generally takes, on average, 30min for stuff to move through your stomach. And with any change to your diet, it’s best to do a slow introduction. 

I was surprised at the colour because it looks like a yogurt drink whereas it’s chocolate flavoured so I expected a deep brown colour! But hey, less colouring.

Overall – it’s easy to drink – it tastes like a less thick version of a chocolate protein shake. You do have to remember to keep stirring it because the supplement sinks to the bottom. 

If you aren’t used to the chocolate taste in protein shakes, you may not be used to the taste. 

What really surprised me was how focused I was for the entire morning. It felt like I was on Red Bull. I drank it at 8:40AM and by lunchtime, I was still quite alert. The feeling did fade a while after lunch. It also kept me quite full. I actually didn’t feel hungry until around 11AM. If you have a light breakfast with it, it can take you straight to lunch without snacking. 

Even though my body has gone through cycles of ketosis before through my training, this time, I felt less tired and my body didn’t seem to reject it because I wasn’t trying to force ketosis through carb restriction. 

Your digestion system will feel different. Mine felt like it was working harder so there were some grumbles in the morning but no bloating.

Let’s see what the effects are tomorrow.



For the longest time, I’ve been thinking of what exactly I want this blog to be about.

Do I want it to be my open book?

On the other hand, I know exactly what I don’t want it to be. Back in the day, the world knew exactly how many calories I ate in a day, the breakdown of my foods and my exercise routine. For 2 years, people knew my daily weight, my progress photos and my measurements.

It motivated me to keep going, to come up with new recipe ideas, exercise routines and to look better.

Unfortunately, the ugly side reared its head.

I had 200 odd followers on my weight loss blog and a few girls decided that they were to become anorexic and bulimic because they wanted my progress photos but not the process I took. Instead, I found my photos all over Xanga, with the tag THINSPO.

It broke my heart to see girls writing about their daily struggles to lose weight through anorexia. And when I did have the courage to reach out, I was told it was their only way.

That’s when I closed my blog down.

Now, I’m at odds, what exactly do I want this to be?


Weight Management with IBS

From as long as I remember, I always had trouble with my weight. I was never “Asian Skinny” growing up.

The heaviest I’ve been growing up in Toronto was 57kg. At 166cm, that was not a heavy weight, however, I did get people telling me I was “chunky”.

I started my weight loss journey in January 2010. determined to lose 7kg. I started with eating 1400kcal a day, predominantly made up of vegetables, fruit, lean protein and rice. On top of the new diet, I added 45min – 1 hour of cardio a day. Within 3 months, I ended up losing 14kg! That put me way underweight in the BMI realm.

That’s when I started HIIT and weight training so that I could build lean muscle mass and get closer to a healthier BMI. It took me a full year to add 4kg of lean muscle back.

Fast forward 4 years and I still maintained a weight of 47kg while maintaining a healthy diet, occasional snacking, cheat meals and regular exercise. That’s when I decided to move to Hong Kong.

Within 2 months of moving – I gained 13kg to a weight of 60kg, heavier than I had ever been in my life! That was me in August 2014 on the left, at my heaviest.

I remember feeling so ashamed of myself because despite what I did – I could not stop the weight gain. And this was me after eating salad with no dressing, zero carbs and exercising 1.5 hours daily.

Since I came to Hong Kong, I was in and out of hospitals due to severe stomach and skin infections. My home, at the time, had a black mould infestation and I was trying to battle it with bleach.

And that was when I got diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It helped explain the constant stomach cramps, bloating and water retention. We tried elimination diets, first by taking out dairy, then gluten, then meat, and finally vegetables. The symptoms did not improve. Every time I ate, I had extreme bloating.

So for the next two years, I lived with looking 6 months pregnant, daily weight fluctuations of 4kg, bloating and loose skin.

It took me one year to get to 54kg. It was difficult because I stopped all social activity because I had to run 10km a day to sweat off the “excess water weight” I would gain from water retention. That was me then in the right side.

It wasn’t until last month when I went to a Traditional Chinese Doctor that things started making more sense to me.

We started by eliminating “cool” foods from my diet because my digestion system was too “cold” and “wet”. That included the majority of fruits and raw vegetables. I started eating more “warming” foods like black beans, red dates and meat. It helped my bloating and it did decrease the fluctuations in weight to 2kg.

But it wasn’t enough.

Last week, I started an experiment. Contrary to what doctors and mothers say, I decided to stop forcing myself to eat at regular intervals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And that’s when the weight started dropping rapidly.

I ended up losing 3kg in 3 days.

Beyond that, there was no change in my diet, the calories I consumed nor did I increase my exercise.

When I forced myself to eat regular meals, my bloating got worse because the food was stuck in my small intestine and was rotting away instead of being digested. I tested this out by taking peppermint oil gels. Some days, it would take up to 16 hours for me to feel the effect of the oil, which was the minty feeling in your stomach. Some days, it would take me 2 hours. This meant, on some days, my digestion system was working, and on others, it wasn’t.

That’s when I started only eating when I actually felt hungry.

On some days, this meant I ate every 2 hours. And on other days, it meant I could only eat 2 meals that day.

The good news is, I could feel when my IBS was most severe because on those mornings, I wake up with a slightly bloated stomach. And on those days, I stick to eating rice, bananas and lean beef and eggs because those are “safe” foods for me. I would still bloat after eating those foods but the bloating goes away faster. I also try and eliminate salt and sugar on those days.

I normally eat until 50% full. The other 50% was covered by the bloating.

I am hoping this is a permanent solution to managing my IBS.


My stomach on Friday was completely flat 6 hours after lunch. I stuck to scallops, shrimp, miso soup and white rice. I also didn’t like the way the dress looked so I folded it down like a maxi dress. I am 51kg in the photo.


Sunday Workout

Exercise plays a huge part in my life – it helps me sleep better, uses up my excess energy and it helps to de-stress.

On weekends, I normally go swimming because it is a great full body workout and you feel refreshed during AND after your workout. It is also good for those with bad knees, joints or small muscle/ligament injuries because it is a low impact exercise. This means there is less pressure and sprain put on your body. 

In December, I tore the right ligament in my ankle and in March, I fractured my toe in my left foot. This means I can’t do HIIT or run anytime soon. 

The weekly swim sessions has definitely helped with the rehab and burning off calories. 

I normally do backstroke and some freestyle. 

Soon to come: my weekly exercise routine.