It’s funny how two people can go from strangers to being the closest thing to you to being strangers again.

Like with friends I’ve lost touch with, the thing that tugs at me most are those brief moments where I get reminded of our inside jokes.

Sometimes I wonder how funny their reaction would be, their laugh, their afterthought.

But that’s about it.





Decided to restart this blog with a new theme – both aesthetically and content-wise.

Overall, I wasn’t too happy with the direction it was going. Sometimes, constantly deep diving and talks of heavy topics are a bit too much. Been thinking a lot about balance in my life, so will be taking a lighter heart approach this time around.

As many of you may know, I will be relocating out of Hong Kong on Saturday so I have been quite busy packing and coordinating with moving companies in the past few weeks.

The past few months have been crazy with traveling, major changes to my professional and personal life and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon. I haven’t really gotten any time to catch my breath, but this type of busy, I am loving.

I guess that’s about all I want to share at the moment.

Stay tuned.